by Mary Ann Wolf
Based on a story by
Edith Elizabeth Anderson Wolf
Illustrations by Carolyn Crampton

Dumbunny is an enchanting picture book starring the only backward bunny you are ever likely to meet. What a perfect book for rabbit lovers; for young children whose abilities or disabilities set them apart; and for anyone who gleefully anticipates the arrival of spring.

A most important character makes an appearance on this book, making it a fun story for Easter.



Photo of Mary Ann Wolf and Carolyn Crampton.

Mary Ann Wolf and Carolyn Crampton, aged 7 or 8.


This rabbit tale is inspired by a friendship that has lasted a lifetime. In the 1960’s the author’s mother created this story for her youngest daughter and the best friend who lived next door. Since grammar school, the illustrator and the author have remained best friends. They have collaborated to share with you this charming tale of family, of work, of differences and of life’s possibilities.



Available from:

  • RabbitEARS rabbit rescue and pet supply in El Cerrito, CA, where a portion of the sale goes to support this extremely knowledgeable and kind rescue organization, rabbitears.org
  • Amazon
  • If you are a rabbit rescue organization, we will happily donate a portion of the sales to your organization. Please contact us directly.
  • The book is also available for users of iPad on the iTunes iBooks store. Click here for link.
  • An Amazon Kindle edition is available, currently free!

For children 3–12  |  hardcover  |  50 pages  |  50 color illustrations  |  Published April 2014  |  $26.00 US  |  $15.48 UK Pounds

ISBN 978-0-9793088-2-6

a sample spread from Dumbunny


Dumbunny 3

All images copyright Mary Ann Wolf and Carolyn Crampton. All rights reserved.


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