Ladybird: My Eight Lives

book-covers-lbWritten and illustrated by Carolyn Crampton

Released in June 2016, this book tells the story of one rabbit—from the earliest memories, to how the she met her snuggle brother and arrived at her current home—and all the hare-raising hops along the way.

88 pages of color illustrations and written in rhyme—it’s great read aloud. The tale is recommended for children ages five and up, for children who have pets, or for anyone who loves rabbits. We believe that it may help children develop empathy for their pets and other animals. The book has more pages than a normal storybook, and the vocabulary is challenging, so it’s perfect for children to read over and over.

The book was inspired by Judy Hardin at RabbitEARS shelter and is about a rabbit she rescued. If you operate a rabbit rescue organization, we are happy to provide you books at OUR COST as a donation for your organization. Please contact Carolyn Crampton directly about this.

ISBN 978-0-9793088-4-0   |   For children 5–12  |  paperback  |  88 pages  |  80 color illustrations  |  Published June 2016  |  $18.99 US

The book is available from your local book store, Amazon, or from us using the button below ($23.70 includes sales tax and $3.00 shipping.)

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