Rabbit Language

book-cover-rl Rabbit Language or “Are you going to eat that?”, written and illustrated by Carolyn Crampton is a humorous guide to communicating with one’s pet rabbit and the perfect gift for those who share their home with a rabbit.

Rabbits are quite different from cats and dogs and can be hard to understand. This book is a light-hearted yet informative guide to real behavior and an essential library addition for rabbit owners.

Often imitated, this was adapted from the original internet version of Rabbit Language or ‘Are you going to eat that?’ which was a popular reference for rabbit owners on the web since 1995. The online text was rewritten and expanded. Pen and ink illustrations were done from life and later colored in Photoshop. The book has sold briskly since 2006 and has been advertised in the New Yorker and Sierra magazine. Check out the many reviews on Amazon.com.

The author, Carolyn Crampton, is a fine artist who maintains a painting studio at San Francisco Hunters Point Shipyard. She is also an award-winning graphic designer and teacher. She lives in a Potrero Hill apartment with two rabbits who modeled for many of the drawings.

Crampton has kept rescued rabbits for over thirty years and provides email counseling to many frantic pet owners. For more information visit http://www.cramptonarts.com/rabbits.

How to get it:

ebook: For users of iPad3 on the iTunes iBooks store. Click here for link.

softcover: 64 page book with over 30 illustrations  | ISBN 978-0-9793088-0-2
Available in fine bookstores everywhere, on Amazon. There are two editions but the Second Edition is better quality and cheaper.

Get it here from us ($21.52 with sales tax and $3.00 shipping).

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If you are a rabbit rescue organization, we will happily donate a generous portion of the sales to your organization. Please contact us directly.

rabbit language1

Rabbit Language 2

Rabbit Language spreads

Rabbit Language 3


All images copyright Mary Ann Wolf and Carolyn Crampton. All rights reserved.


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